Your LMU Honors Program Application

    Thank you for your interest in the University Honors Program at Loyola Marymount University. We look forward to getting to know more about you and how you may fit with the Honors Program through our application. The application consists of:

    • A cover letter stating your intent and reasons for applying;
    • A short essay based on a prompt;
    • A few short questions to help us get to know you better;
    • A recommendation from someone who can objectively evaluate your academic potential and personal character;
    • Other optional materials you may wish to provide (portfolio, video, website, etc.).

    Your application should clearly communicate to us who you are, why you see yourself as a good fit for Honors, and what you hope to gain from your LMU Honors education.

    When we read applications, quantitative measures (GPAs and test scores) play a minimal role in our decision—they neither guarantee nor prevent your admission to the program. Instead, the most important question we are asking is: "How will you both contribute to and benefit from our community?" We are most concerned with your curiosity, passion for learning, self-motivation, and perspective.

    The Honors application is open now. It is not necessary to wait for admission to LMU before applying to the Honors Program. Once a decision is rendered on your general LMU application, your Honors application will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the Honors administrative team and Honors faculty. Honors applications will be considered in the order they were received, so it benefits you to complete the application as soon as possible. 

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