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LMU - Transfer Guarantee Program


Your decision to participate in the LMU Guaranteed Transfer Admission Agreement with your school is proof of your tremendous academic potential and our hope in you as a future LION.

In order to qualify for the guaranteed admission transfer agreement, you must fulfill the following conditions as outlined in the official LMU Guaranteed Transfer Admission Agreement:
  • Earn the minimum cumulative GPA as outlined in the agreement for  your specific major
  • Complete a minimum of 30 transferable units including any additional coursework as required by your major
  • Submit your application to LMU by the February 1 deadline
Please make sure you respond to all questions prior to submitting.
Mailing Address

Please let us know what counselor you worked with to verify your eligibility to the Guarantee Program.
As you navigate the maze of college transfer admission, we hope that you take the opportunity to contact our office for assistance or guidance at, or by calling 310.338.5913.